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Pepsi plans to introduce healthier craft sodas

The worldwide soda company Pepsi is making a further move into the growing health conscious U.S. market with a new line of soda.

PepsiCo plans to release natural soda flavors under the brand Stubborn Soda, according to Time. The flavors, with naturally-sweetened sugar cane instead of high-fructose corn syrup, will include black cherry with tarragon, orange hibiscus, pineapple cream, and agave vanilla cream. This proposal is an attempt to counteract the 10-year decline in consumption of soda.

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How Fashion Girls Wear Your Dad’s Favorite Sneaker, and Make It Look Good

It’s the standard Dad-on-vacation look that pretty much defined everything you didn’t want to dress like growing up: stonewashed jeans, a tucked-in T-shirt, a fanny pack, visor or wraparound shades, and a pair of chunky tennis shoes to cap off the look. Even if you’ve already come around to adopt some of dear old Dad’s styling quirks as your own, there’s really just one thing you must, have to, gotta get into. It’s those shoes.

Big running sneakers are a massive trend right now, but if you’ve ever put them on and suddenly felt like you were on vacation with a family of four, you know it’s not the easiest style to pull off. Success is in finding a “new balance” — certain outfits will make those sneakers look deliberate and fashion-forward, and not like comfort-wear for enforced quality time. Here’s how to make sure your outfit falls in the former category.

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Top Nightlife Scenes in the United States

1. Miami Beach

Why go: Miami Beach’s already exciting nightlife heats up after dark, and the South Beach neighborhood leads the party. You’ll find everything from plush lounges to deafening dance clubs lining its streets. Just note: A night out can add up quickly when you count cover charges and drinks.

2.Las Vegas

Why go: Las Vegas has earned its reputation as America’s playground for reason. Some of the world’s most riotous nightclubs reside in the city’s glitzy casinos. Travelers looking for a less flashy alternative to the Strip should head to Fremont Street.

3. New York City
Why go: No city has a wider variety of nightlife than NYC. There are countless ways to spend an evening, from cocktail-sipping in a trendy SoHo lounge to participating in a never-ending bar crawl in the East Village or belting out karaoke with your friends.

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State of relaxation in Kerala, India

A lukewarm stream of oil spilled from the brass vessel hanging overhead, gently striking my forehead before breaking into tiny, shining rivulets that trickled into my hair.

For one hour, I laid there as the gentle pressure sent me in and out of cs. This was the ancient practice of shirodhara, an ayurvedic therapy believed to diffuse mental tension, ease headaches and improve sleep, with cosmetic benefits a plus.

While I don’t know about the truth of these claims, I do know it was likely the most relaxing 60 minutes of my life. In fact, my one week in Kerala was by far the most tranquil I have spent in India.

Far from the crazy pace of urban life, here well-being, healthy food and spirituality top the daily agenda with growing numbers of tourists cottoning to the state’s laid-back charms.

Less relaxing was the pummeling received at the hands of two therapists that afternoon as they pounded every inch of my naked body with heated bundles of herbs, a treatment called njavara kizhi purported to have anti-aging effects. But those wrongs were soon righted by a traditional, four-handed oil massage atop the vast wooden bed and, the next day, a massage performed by well-trained feet with the aid of ropes suspended from the ceiling.

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5 Underrated US Summer Vacation Spots

Vacations typically incite feelings of relaxation and fun, and part of that fun is experiencing new things. And when the experience is new to the entire family, that’s a special bonus. With the idea of brand-new fun, here’s five under-the-radar attractions ahead of summer.

Discovery Cove

Where: Orlando, Florida
While Disney World and Universal Studios are must-see destinations for anyone vacationing in central Florida for the first time, Discovery Cove is an often overlooked attraction unlikely to disappoint.
The theme park, which is operated by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, allows guests to interact with a variety of wildlife, none more popular than bottlenose dolphins. The all-inclusive Discovery Cove also offers a variety of signature experiences, including the Grand Reef and Freshwater Oasis.
With the scope of experiences and unique level of access granted to guests, it’s no wonder Discovery Cove was named the No. 1 amusement park in the world by TripAdvisor for the past two years.

Horseshoe Bend

Where: Page, Arizona
A trip to Horseshoe Bend in Arizona this summer is a sure way to come back home with stellar vacation photos.
Despite being overshadowed by nearby Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, located along the Colorado River in Northern Arizona, features some of the most spectacular views in the Southwest. Once you park, it’s not a long walk to reach the Lookout Point, which sits a hair-raising 1,000 feet above the winding river.

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Ways You Never Knew You Could Use Ice

These little cubes of frozen water can do more than create a satisfying glass of lemonade. They can heal a bruise on your shin quicker and even get rid of the fat in your stew.

Now you have a legit reason to handle ice, other than the sweltering heat.

1. Reheat rice
Microwaving old rice used to mean hard and dried out starch. Change that by placing an ice cube in the middle of the rice and then wrapping the top with plastic wrap, with a few punctures, before reheating it.

2. Steam out wrinkles
You’re dreading doing laundry because it’s so hot out. Grab just a few ice cubes and throw them into the dryer to steam out wrinkles on dry shirts and pants (but not jeans or heavier clothes).

3. Speed up caulking process
When you’re having tons of fun caulking your bathtub, rub an ice cube along the caulk to smooth it.

4. Skim the fat from soup
Take the fat out of your soups and stews by dropping a few ice cubes in warm — not hot — soup. Ladle them out after a few seconds and you’ll find excess fat clinging to them.

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Homemade Baby Food

Ask any parent; having a child is the most amazing, breath-taking, and terrifying thing all at one time. Just cracking open a baby how-to book fills a new parent with more questions and fears about what could possibly go wrong. In my first year of parenthood, I’ve found the best way to ease my anxiety is to fill my heart with gratitude every day when I look at my healthy little girl, and attempt to monitor the few controllable aspects of parenthood – one being what she is eating.

There are plenty of great organic and all-natural baby foods at almost every grocery store in town, but when I make it from scratch, I feel comfort in knowing exactly what is going into each meal. Not only does it feel nice to know I’m nourishing my baby with the lowest-toxin ingredients possible, it’s also shockingly easy and can save a good amount of money over the course of infancy.

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How to Relieve Back Pain

To those who have ever suffered from back pain; getting rid of it seems like a giant job that only a powerful dose of meds can handle. While popping a pill may give you a break from the aches, it won’t cure the cause of your chiropractic cricks. But there’s no need to hobble around in discomfort, either. Here’s how to relieve that pain–we’ve got your back.

1. Fight the Hunch
Think about all the times you’re huddled over something—your phone, your computer, your tablet. It’s very bad news for your back. When you wake up in the morning, before you go to bed, or after a workout- lie back on a large exercise ball for two minutes, advises Todd Sinett, DC, a chiropractor in New York City and author of Three Weeks to a Better Back.

2. Ease Up on the Alcohol
It may be time to grab a water over your favorite fizzy alcoholic drink. “Alcohol raises the cortisol levels in the body, which leads to inflammation,” Sinett says. And inflammation is a leading cause of back pain, try cutting out alcohol for three weeks and see if you notice a difference in your pain level.

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