Arnold Schwarzenegger To Give Turn-By-Turn Directions in Waze App

Ever get tired of that boring voice on your navigation app during a road-trip? Waze has officially solved that problem in the most awesome way possible. Introducing Arnold Schwarzenegger turn-by-turn navigation, in which he will direct you to your destination in the voice of his character from the Terminator movies.

This is a new and great advertising stint for the newest installment in the franchise Terminator Genisys and will be sure to grab the attention of fans.

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How to Eat Healthy While Traveling

One of the pleasures of traveling is the new and exciting foods you will try throughout different areas. Cultural differences lead to large changes among the types of food people consume from state to state or country to country. While trying these many different types of foods, it can be hard to stay on a healthy track as there are many unhealthy foods to indulge in.

In order to stay healthy while traveling you must always have enough protein in your meals, as well as eating lots of veggies during lunch and dinner, and keeping your portion sizes reasonable.

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The Ultimate Summer Getaway for Adults: Marijuana Camp

For most kids, summer camp is an adventurous experience that usually includes hiking, camping, swimming, and other outdoor activities. There aren’t many summer camps like these for adults to go enjoy, as they are expected to have outgrown that stage of their lives. CannaCamp disagrees, as they have set up a luxurious summer camp-esque resort for adults that promotes marijuana-related activities on the premise.

Located in Durango, Colorado where recreational marijuana is legal for consumption by adults over age 21, this is the first resort/camp to take full advantage of the recent Amendment that was passed. There are many cannabis related activities, including cannabis yoga, arts and crafts, cooking, and others. The resort opens July 1st and remains open until October 31st.

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2015 Top Hotels In The United States

Finding your perfect hotel can be rough time while traveling, which is why we”re here to help. Rated by amenities, location, service, and other categories, we’ll be sure to help you find the perfect hotel for you during your next trip.

The travel editors at U.S. News researched and analyzed an array of resources — from guest reviews and expert recommendations to travel websites and industry award lists — to solidify an extensive list of the best places to stay in the United States. Our editors used a comprehensive methodology to evaluate more than 1,700 luxury hotels across the USA, taking into account the hotel’s class rating, the number and prominence of industry awards it received and traveler reviews. From historical hotels set in the heart of cities like Washington, D.C., and Chicago to charming resorts found in secluded areas in the South and across the islands of Hawaii, this group of properties highlights the numerous and diverse lodging choices across America.

Quite a few new hotels made it to the top 10 this year thanks to customer and industry reviews that gave them a boost in ratings. The 10 top hotels in the USA for 2015 rise above the rest of their hospitality peers because they offer the right mix of what most travelers are looking for in a hotel — picturesque locations, comfortable accommodations, luxe in-room amenities and superb service.

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Here Is Your Guide To Adventuring In The DMV

There’s more to the nation’s capital than politics, and Maryland and Virginia residents often overlook all there is to do and see right under their noses. Those who live in these areas are lucky to have a so many opportunities to get out and see some of the beautiful things that nature has to offer.

From kayaking and hiking to midnight tours and LED exhibits, D.C., Maryland, Northern Virginia and their surroundings offer exciting escapes for residents and visitors alike.

Fun in the snow

When it comes time for Winter to stroll around, don’t just sit inside and wait for the warmer weather. Go embrace the Winter wonderland – just grab a helmet, a pick and some winter wear, and you’ll be ice climbing in no time. We suggest you enroll in an introductory climbing seminar before attempting any crazy climbing feats, but we promise it’ll be worth your time. And there happen to be several ideal locations perfect for Baltimore, D.C. and Virginia residents:

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MERS Virus Kills 6th Person in South Korea

South Korea on Monday reported its sixth death from Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) as authorities were performing measures in order to prevent the spreading of this virus.

87 people in South Korea have been infected by MERS since last month in the largest outbreak outside the Middle East. About 1,870 schools have closed and more than 2,000 people are isolated at their homes or state-run facilities after having contact with patients infected with the virus.

An 80-year-old man, who tested positive for the virus last week while being treated for pneumonia, died Monday and became the country’s sixth death linked to MERS, according to a statement from the Health Ministry.

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State of relaxation in Kerala, India

A lukewarm stream of oil spilled from the brass vessel hanging overhead, gently striking my forehead before breaking into tiny, shining rivulets that trickled into my hair.

For one hour, I laid there as the gentle pressure sent me in and out of cs. This was the ancient practice of shirodhara, an ayurvedic therapy believed to diffuse mental tension, ease headaches and improve sleep, with cosmetic benefits a plus.

While I don’t know about the truth of these claims, I do know it was likely the most relaxing 60 minutes of my life. In fact, my one week in Kerala was by far the most tranquil I have spent in India.

Far from the crazy pace of urban life, here well-being, healthy food and spirituality top the daily agenda with growing numbers of tourists cottoning to the state’s laid-back charms.

Less relaxing was the pummeling received at the hands of two therapists that afternoon as they pounded every inch of my naked body with heated bundles of herbs, a treatment called njavara kizhi purported to have anti-aging effects. But those wrongs were soon righted by a traditional, four-handed oil massage atop the vast wooden bed and, the next day, a massage performed by well-trained feet with the aid of ropes suspended from the ceiling.

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5 Underrated US Summer Vacation Spots

Vacations typically incite feelings of relaxation and fun, and part of that fun is experiencing new things. And when the experience is new to the entire family, that’s a special bonus. With the idea of brand-new fun, here’s five under-the-radar attractions ahead of summer.

Discovery Cove

Where: Orlando, Florida
While Disney World and Universal Studios are must-see destinations for anyone vacationing in central Florida for the first time, Discovery Cove is an often overlooked attraction unlikely to disappoint.
The theme park, which is operated by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, allows guests to interact with a variety of wildlife, none more popular than bottlenose dolphins. The all-inclusive Discovery Cove also offers a variety of signature experiences, including the Grand Reef and Freshwater Oasis.
With the scope of experiences and unique level of access granted to guests, it’s no wonder Discovery Cove was named the No. 1 amusement park in the world by TripAdvisor for the past two years.

Horseshoe Bend

Where: Page, Arizona
A trip to Horseshoe Bend in Arizona this summer is a sure way to come back home with stellar vacation photos.
Despite being overshadowed by nearby Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, located along the Colorado River in Northern Arizona, features some of the most spectacular views in the Southwest. Once you park, it’s not a long walk to reach the Lookout Point, which sits a hair-raising 1,000 feet above the winding river.

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